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Guidelines and Procedures

In order to remain both credible and accepted by the market in which we operate we have some bases on which we apply our expertise and about which we perform our functions. These guidelines define the rules, methods and methodology, compliance and issue of certificates are carried out. These guidelines are in compliance with local area legislation, the rules of classification societies, international standards and conventions as ratified by the International Organisations.

In order to meet the changes in field practice, operational type, legal framework both local and international and the demands of the insurance underwriting market, the company invests more in acquisition of modern relevant technological equipment, and regular training of engineers locally and abroad to reflect what is best current practice for speed and efficiency.

The Statutory Inspections and Certifications are conducted in concert with the Director of Factories of the Federation, and the Department of Petroleum Resources for Oil and Gas Industry Services. The objectives are to ensure that standards and integrity are not compromised.


Acquisition of Relevant Tools

DAGARDT GLOBAL INSPECTIONS LIMITED has acquired some specialised modern tools for speed and efficiency such as:

  • basic engineering measurement tools
  • water bags
  • digital load cells
  • digital leak detector (for hazardous environment)
  • ultrasonic thickness and flaw detector equipment
  • magnetic particle examination kits
  • dye Penetrant examination kits
  • hydrostatic test kits
  • hand and electronic ullage tapes.


Key Personnel with credible credentials in the company work-force have been driving the industry for over 30 years with reputation.

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