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Dagardt Global Inspections Limited is engaged in Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessels, Engineering and Survey Services.

In doing this, Top Managment is committed to implementation of total quality management using ISO 9001:2008 frame work. This is to ensure that our customers throughout the world receive the best qualitiy services we can offer.

Furthermore, we develop our employees to realize their full potential in contibuting to continuous improvement of our value adding processes.

We set goals and objectives for all key processes to measure our performance. We meet cusomer and regulatory requirements, comply with industry standards and world class business ethics.

Management will provide required resorce to robustly drive the process to meet the requirement of relevant stake holders.

This policy commitment shall be reviewed at interval of one year to ensure that it is consistent to our business reality and suitability.

This commitment is communcated to all levels of emplyees and other stake holders to ensure commitment.


Top Management of Dagardt Global Inspections Limited is committed to ensuring that no harm is caused to our employees and our sub-contractors. Internationally accepted best practices are adopted by complying with applicable HSE legislation and other requirements. To ensure continual improvement, all hazards are identified, associated risks are evaluated and controls implemented and monitored.


Top Management of Dagardt Global Inspections Limited is committed to promoting a workplace that is free from alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. In order to do so, we will:
1) Encourage and support mutual respect within the company.
2) Work with staff to create an understanding of acceptable behaviour.
3) Assist staff to make informed decisions about drug and alcohol use.
4) Recognize the link between responsible behaviour and an enjoyable working experience and seek to promote a social environment from which all may benefit.
5) Take very seriously its legal responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees and visitors.
6) Provide guidance and information to staff to help them develop the confidence to know what action to take if they are concerned about drug and alcohol misuse, the health and safety of fellow employees, or of themselves.

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